Free Instagram bot

Works on python 2.X

Need some packages to download to run correctly: instagram, selenium,pynstagram,PIL
You have to put chromedriver.exe to C:\

You must edit the last lines USERNAME, PASSWORD, NICHE.
It will like some photos in your niche and will choose a random liked photo, and it will follow 30 accounts who liked the picture which the bot selected.
You can change some datas about how many follows, delay
Delay change -> last line time.sleep(write seconds there)
InstagramBot.HasttagSearch(mybot,"KEYWORD",20) -> Keyword you niche, please select an niche which have not hidden posts, , the "20" means, it will parse 20 posts, please play with it to work properly
InstagramBot.FollowOfListFirst(mybot,mylist,30) -> the 30 means 30 follow, change it if you want.