Xvideos uploader bot free download

Hi guys, so my previous work was an Xvideos uploader bot. You can download my python code below. It will automatically upload all videos from the folder. It will create an already uploaded and an uploaded folder. You must edit the python script with your username to xvideos and password to xvideos (you can attach more accounts, but you have to have the same password for all accounts)

It works on Python 2.X. It won't work on Python 3.x. I am using WingIDE for running and editing, I don't have any informations of another ides.

The bot works smoothly, the uploading depends on your connection speed. If you have any questions you can ask in comment.

Find the "DOMAIN" and "DESCRIPTION" fields to add domain into title and description.

You must have the following python packages to run: Selenium.

You must place chromedriver.exe in C:\.

Feel free to edit the code but please don't sell it.

If you want an executable version you can contact me.

If you want to get advise or ask about how the bot works you can contact me. I am building web automatization bots on python platform for low price or small works even free.