XVideosUploader bot (in .exe format)

For some request, I made an .exe version of XVideosUploader, as now you can use it easily,

IMPORTANT: PUT chromedriver.exe into C:\
Check the web for download chromedriver (it can be found in your chrome folder too)

Donate for more awesome bot, and some "Premium" bot in the future :)

PLACE Videos into -> waitforupload folder
Userames (emails) -> username.txt, write every username into new line
Password -> Right now, you could only choose one password, which means, you should use the same password for all account! so just one line there
data -> first line your domain name (which iwll include into tittle), second line -> your description
delay -> delay between video uploads, please write in SECOND format which means -> if you want 1 min delay you shoud write 60, if you want 10 min delay -> 600